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Cosmetic products contain a lot of chemically treated substances, which might damage your skin and health. Of course it's a long-term process because nothing happens after several times of washing your hair with shampoo which contains parabens, however, when used every day such shampoo dries hair and causes them to lose most of good components, become damaged and weak, while all substances in the shampoo accumulate in your organism and can damage not only your health but that of your child as well.

In order to avoid that we always stress the necessity to spare some time and read to the end the composition of a cosmetic product and not to buy any product which contains the following harmful components:

  1. Methyl, propyl, butyl, isobutyl and ethyl paraben;
  2. Sodium lauryl/laureth sulphate;
  3. DEA, TEA, MEA;
  4. Formaldehyde;
  5. p-Phenylenediamine;
  6. Paraffinum liquidum;
  7. Propylene glycol;
  8. Butylated hydroxytoluene/BNT;
  9. PVP/VA copolymer;
  10. Sodium laureth sulfate;
  11. Petrolatum;
  12. Stearalkonium chloride;
  13. Diazolidinyl urea, imidazolidinyl urea;
  14. Phthalates.

Since nowadays manufacturers are required to indicate product composition on product labels, knowing the main harmful substances it should be very easy to choose the suitable natural products. Undoubtedly a small amount of these substances remaining in cosmetics won't do any harm, however, one shouldn't forget that part of these substances accumulate in our organism and it takes a while for them to leave, thus, a risk of allergy, irritation of skin, weakening of the immune system or some other harm increases.

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