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All greatness of nature emerged in front of me when I put my bare feet onto the cool wet grass. Behind my steps little grass stems were quickly standing tall again. Every time I am in nature our earth surprises me! The simplest things hide extraordinary powers inside. Thousands of years ago people discovered these powers and started using nature's treasures in medicine and beauty. Herbs, mineral water and clay were among the most common used. Clay is becoming popular again today and I want to tell you more about it's benefits.
Primitive man knew about the power of clay. Scientists have discovered that Homo erectus used clay in daily life 2 million years ago! It was used to heal wounds, calm irritated skin and gor skin cleaning purposes. Neanderthals did the same. They likely copied this behaviour from animals. There are some species which do not think twice about a good mud bath!
Nowadays clay is still a very popular ingredient in natural medicine and natural beauty products. What is the origin of this miraculous substance? Clay formed from volcanic ashes. Physical and chemical reactions made them into mineralized clay. There are a lot of different types of clay formed in different conditions. Because of this diversity it's easy to find the most beneficial clay for your skin.
What superpowers does clay have?
The most important property of clay is it's ability to clear skin. Clay brings out toxins, cleans pores, impurities and oil residues. It is a perfect exgolient as well. It removes all dead skin cells when used as a mask or as a dimple scrub. Clay is perfect for acne prone skin due to it's antibacterial, anti inflammatory, oil regulating and healing properties. The best part is that clay doesn't dry out the skin. It can be used on the face, body and hair.
Clay is one of the best natural ingredients for face masks. Here are two recipes:
Green Clay Face Mask:
1tsp. Green clay 1
tsp. Aloe vera gel
4 drops Lavender essential oil
Rhassoul Clay Face Mask:
1 tsp. Rhassoul clay
1 tsp. Argan oil
1 tsp. Raw honey
1-2 tbsp.
Rose hydrolate
4 drops Lavender essential oil
Mix everything and leave on your skin for 10-15 minutes. Remove with warm water.
It isn't surprising people have used clay for thousands of years. When modern chemistry didn't exist people used the best nature had to offer.
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