Every self sufficient person for a day will not go without basic hygiene and necessary beauty rituals, imagine being without your favorite shampoo, cream, fragrant deodorant or other products. But in nurturing our body, are we responsible for our choice? Looking at the packages of amazing and colourful beauty, do we often pay attention to what is included in the composition of those products, in which we can rarely find many certain synthetic ingredients, that can not only affect various systems of the human body in the long run, but also do great damage to the planet in which we live.

Water. It is the source of life. When you use products enriched with ‘chemistry’ and then take a bath, bathe in a lake, river or the sea, the synthetic skin care, make-up and hygiene components enter the earth’s ecosystem and affect all the creatures, perhaps even dooming them to death. It is estimated that more than 3 million tons of chemicals enter the water every year. Tons of chemicals from unnatural products. Water evaporates and turns into rain clouds, so the ‘chemistry’ spreads even more widely. Particles of ‘aggressive’ substances in these products are found not only in water bodies, but also in the soil and in the human environment, i.e. house dust.

Energy. It is necessary for us to feel comfortable and do the things we are already used to doing on a daily basis. But , what temperature water do you wash your hair with? Studies have shown that human activity and energy consumption result in a large number of traces of carbon dioxide being emitted, which has a huge impact on the planet’s temperature. The earth is warming so terribly fast that it is already worrying globally. But one thing is clear, no one person will be able to stop this process unless everyone decides to change their habits. The average consumer of beauty products can make an impactL research has found that as many as 94 percent. The traces of carbon dioxide left by a cosmetic product such as shampoo do not arise during its manufacture but during its use. For reflection: if everyone were to reduce their water temperature by washing their hair at least slightly, it would significantly reduce energy consumption and the negative impact of the shampoo on the environment. But do many of these things come to mind?

Raw material. In ancient times, our great grandparents and grandparents used what they found in nature for healing and traditional cosmetics. The formulas of modern beauty products have changed - plant components are often replaced by so-called oil by-products, which are much cheaper and difficult to extract: they are not affected by soil conditions, climate change and other factors. However, we must be saddened, such changes for the planet’s ecosystem are far from beneficial. As a result, as people become more aware and responsible, there is an increasing reluctance to look back at nature and its wealth. But again, there is another side to the coin: the growing demand for plant materials. Biodiversity is increasingly affected during these periods, and the cosmetics industry is, by the way, highly dependent on it, as biodiversity is a source of innovation and raw materials.

Packaging. Even the packaging of cosmetics is to blame for the unfortunate changes in the environment, which consume considerable energy resources. Tubes and bottles made of traditional plastic do not break down for a very long time, the substances in it ‘migrate’ and poison the water and land. A prudent producer and consumer will be responsible for choosing the least damaging, recyclable plastic packaging and, if possible use it for secondary purposes as often as possible. Natural, renewable and raw material resources still need to be nurtured and increased, to develop biotechnologies and environmentally friendly packaging, to reduce the amount of waste generated during transportation and storage of products, from fossil fuels, the extraction and use of which pose various problems, to renewable and non renewable…..

Extremely high levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, low levels of natural forests, as well as declining species of flora, fauna, ecosystems that provide biodiversity, excessive levels of phosphorus and nitrogen compounds in the environment, and other ongoing negative processes can have an irreversible effect on our global planet. Is it not worth thinking and worrying about it now, setting the right priorities and thus contributing to the preservation of our wonderful nature and at the same time ensuring a healthy future for all living beings around the world?

What is it: Strong knowledge and conviction, or more of a ‘fashion trend’ ?

Many will probably agree that information about different things that are relevant to everyone, such as a cream that helps to slow down the ageing process, helps to recover from the causes of problematic skin, a certain shampoo or mask that restores shine and softness to the hair, is much more pleasant and easier to accept than cosmetics causing climate change. However, we are very pleased at the growing number of people in various countries who are impressed by the warnings of scientists and are stimulating interest in the problem facing all of humanity. And act accordingly: buy more expensive but environmentally friendly cosmetics, support their manufacturers. More and more people prefer those producers whose ideas they support and want to support, while expecting respect for biodiversity, information about efforts to protect it, and reducing the negative impact on the environment. The concept of sustainability is no longer a fashionable ‘trend’ in the cosmetics, hygiene and perfumery sector, but much more.

This view is supported by both conscious consumers who want to be responsible and producers for whom nature conservation is becoming a particularly attractive part of their business strategy. Of course, it is not so easy to change the clock mechanism that works quickly and radically, but incredibly beautiful results can be achieved step by step.  Only this should become a daily aspiration of every person.

By the way, it is important to know that the ‘greening’ of cosmetics and hygiene products can occur in many different ways these days, so buyers should remain quite vigilant. Some manufacturers and vendors, under the guise of ‘green’ benefits with minimal or no value, try to get on a train decorated with the motto ‘Let’s protect nature!’ It is an attempt to exalt oneself, as if to beautify the image with a ‘green brush’. Therefore, it is very important not to close your eyes, to be interested in how not to get caught on the ‘green’ advertising hook and to choose one that coincides with your values, conscious consumption, fostering beauty and health.

Together through awareness we can protect nature.

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