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Natural oils efficiently moisturize skin and can be used both alone or added to creams, masks, and shampoos that you already have as well as use them as ingredients in body scrubs. If oil is used instead of a usual face or body cream, it must be applied on the damp skin and after 10 minutes the remains of oil should be wiped off with a wad of cotton. Why? Because oils aren't absorbed into the skin, they remain on the skin surface and thus don't moisturize it. Actually, epidermis absorbs a mixture of water and oil instead of pure water.

Oil doesn't moisturize the skin but “takes” water together by penetrating into the skin. Therefore, don't forget to apply oils or their mixtures on damp skin. Using oils this way you'll be surprised by how long-lasting they are and you'll enjoy the obvious results of using oils. And what's more, you'll be convinced that oils used properly don't clog pores, don't grease even the oiliest skin but, on the contrary, beautify and improve the condition of the skin. The ideal option for dampening skin is to use some herbal distillate instead of water. This will ensure the most effective results.

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