My Story

I, like many others, have struggled in the past to find products that have helped me to look and feel better. We all experience times in our lives where we feel exhausted, stressed, or unwell, and this can often show in our faces and the condition of our skin.

At a time in my life when I felt the only thing that sparkled from within was my eyes, I began to question whether the products I was using, advertised as luxurious oils, creams, and serums, and promising miraculous results, were in fact, any good for me or my skin.

My subsequent research on the ingredients typically used in skincare really opened my eyes. I discovered that most of the products I was using were not as healthy and innocent as I had thought. However, I also wondered if it was even possible to make my skin glow again.

Guided by Mother Nature

As I researched the ingredients listed in the products I was using, I started to come across traditional recipes of natural oil blends and creams that our ancestors used for hundreds of years. It is easy to make the assumption that scientific developments associated with the cosmetic industry today have led to the production of better products. However, inspired to create my own skincare, I have discovered that the right combinations of natural ingredients can restore skin to its optimal condition.

Now my skin feels beautiful, healthy, smooth, supple and my sparkle has returned!

The products I have created for you

It did take time to adapt traditional recipes to the requirements of the modern world. However, the range has gradually expanded, so I am now able to provide beautiful handmade products that nourish skin and hair no matter what condition you want to treat.


All our products are tested independently. This shows our commitment to making sure that what goes in our products are natural and kind to your skin. Any allergens present will all be carefully labeled on the product for you.

We source our ingredients as locally as possible, and we make sure that all our suppliers have the same belief in quality, ethics, and sustainability as we do.

I hope you love our products. They are made with love, passion & respect for our ancestors' knowledge of the natural world.

Vilana Bagdone x