From their website:-

The Free From Skincare Awards, now in their tenth year, aim to celebrate the best in ‘free from’ skincare products — cosmetics ‘free from’ some of the many ingredients which consumers need or want to avoid, be it due to health issues, skin allergies, ethical concerns, environmental issues, religious sensibilities, personal preference, or other reasons.

Vilana Natural Beauty entered this international awards where independent judges take the products and use them for a month and then write reviews and score the products.

We are thrilled that our much loved Vegan Mint Conditioner was awarded a Silver Medal for the haircare category! There are very strict criteria so even getting 3 of our products shortlisted for the final was an amazing achievement.

Thanks to this assessment we feel stronger and more determined to go even further! Not only for ourselves but to bring happiness to others as well. Having your hard work and effort noticed, recognised and appreciated by others gives you a sense of achievement and joy, it also ignites in you a desire to grow, improve and share with others.

Sometimes it takes time to realise your dream, but when it comes true, it is even better! We really hope that if you have tried our award winning conditioner you feel the same about it, and if you have yet to try it, what are you waiting for? All the signs are there that it is an amazing product, don’t just take our word for it, listen to the reviews from the Free From Skincare Awards 2021 testers, remember it won a silver medal in their eyes, we know it will win a place in your heart too.

Some reviews:-

'I was really pleased to receive this product. As a family we use conditioner pretty much on a daily basis. I tend to buy the same conditioner so it was nice to try out a new one. The conditioner comes in a large plastic tube. A list of ingredients and instructions on different ways of using it are printed on the back of the tube. I found the instructions to be very straightforward. The conditioner has a fresh and clean minty fragrance which I like. The fragrance is quite strong when applied to the hair but it leaves only a very slight scent once rinsed out. The texture is quite firm but I found it easy to work into the hair. The first time I used it I made the mistake of adding the same amount I usually do but I found this was far too much. This conditioner is much richer than the one I normally use and I found a little goes a long way. I have long hair which I wash frequently and the ends are dry and can get quite frizzy. The instructions recommend to add the conditioner to wet hair and leave the product in for two minutes before rinsing it out. I noticed straight away how soft my hair felt. This conditioner is much richer than the one I normally use and I was very pleased with the initial results.  According to the instructions the product can also be used as a hair mask by working it into dry hair and leaving it for 15 minutes. My 5 year old daughter has waist long curly hair and I decided to try out this method on her hair and it worked really well. It left her hair soft and healthy looking and it helped with the often stressful process of detangling her hair. There was nothing I disliked about this product. The conditioner has continued to work very well. My hair is quite dry and damaged but this conditioner adds a bit of moisture to the hair making it look and feel more healthy. I also found it easier to keep my hair tangle free after using this product. I have enjoyed using this product. I wash my hair frequently and as a result my hair and especially the ends have a tendency to get very dry. This conditioner is rich and very nourishing and my hair does look less frizzy especially at the ends.   I have applied this product to my daughter’s hair once a week as a hair mask. Her hair is looking fantastic. It has really brought out her curls which look fuller and more defined. Her hair is shiny and soft and easier to brush. I have been very pleased with this product. It has worked very well on mine and my daughter’s hair. We have both seen great results in the course of a month. This is a rich and nourishing conditioner. It’s perfect for dry and damaged hair. I found it worked brilliantly both as a conditioner and as a hair mask. There is nothing I would change about this product. This is a higher end product and it is quite a bit more expensive than other more standard conditioners. The product performs very well though. It is richer than other conditioners I’ve used and it lasts longer. The fact that it contains no harsh ingredients is also a big bonus.'

'The packaging of this product is very luxurious and it stands out. The product clearly shows that it is a mint conditioner with pictures on the packaging. I was very excited to try as it stated that it is for dry, damaged and dull hair - just like my own, I also enjoy a minty fragrance too. The fragrance of the product is very minty, you can definitely smell the peppermint that is clearly in the ingredients - to me I could also smell Tea Tree.The texture is very thick and luxurious. The company also markets this product as a hair mask and I can see why - because of the thickness of texture. When I first used this product I immediately enjoyed how this product applied to my hair. I left it in as directed for 20 minutes as a hair mask and it just cocooned my hair in moisture! It had a cooling sensation on my head too which was a pleasant surprise. I liked that it could be used daily as a conditioner and weekly as a treatment mask. It was a little difficult to squeeze out of the tube with it being so thick. The condition of my hair improved over the coming weeks, my hair seemed softer and much easier to brush after washing. I have my hair highlighted and it can get quite knotty but with this it was a lot easier to brush after washing. My hair definitely feels softer after the month and the ends of my hair appear to be less dry and damaged! I am thrilled with the results! When used as a mask this product cocooned my hair in moisture and my hair was very soft and shiny after use. When used as a conditioner my hair was easily brushed and silky smooth. The product claims to restore the health and moisture of your hair and my hair certainly feels healthier and shiny. It also claims that some of the ingredients (not the product itself) can promote hair growth - but I don't think I have used it long enough to test that theory. The product to come in a tub, rather than a tube. I see this may have happened already as on the website it is displayed in the picture under the product. The product is very value for money and the ingredients are of great quality too. The company's website is very informative and its message about being natural and "guided by mother nature" comes across nicely, they also clearly label any allergens on the products which is a nice touch.'

'Robust packaging with a quality feel to it - practical for easy use in the shower. Information clearly laid out and looks easy to use. Like the dark green colour and looking forward to trying. Rich creamy texture and an amazing minty fresh scent that just makes me feel so zingy an uplifted when I use it. I love the refreshing scent that just lifts my mood regardless of what's going on in life. Really like the fact that I can smell this conditioner when I'm using it. It's not the kind of scent that is overpowering because it smells so natural. Texture was more like a hair mask than a normal conditioner, very tick and creamy, but that's a positive! The creamy richness of this conditioner really feels like I'm treating my dyed and somewhat stressed hair to some well needed nourishment. I tend to use conditioner after every wash and despite the thickness of this one, it washes through well leaving my hair super fresh. Nothing I disliked. I have found that using this conditioner after every wash was not so necessary and so tried using it every other wash - note that I wash my hair every day during the week as it's quite fine and gets dirty easily. This conditioner is so good that I don't need to use it every wash, it has a sort of nourishment that seems to last on my hair. I tend to apply conditioner to the bottom half of my hair and since using this one, my normally flyaway hair is definitely more tamed and feeling thicker - always a positive. Hair feels thicker and less flyaway. It's given a weight to the bottom of my fine and rather thin hair which has kept it looking good despite not seeing a hairdresser in ages. Kept the colour looking good and gave a shine to the hair which I was really pleased with. My hair feels strong and smooth, with some weight yet bouncy... it's everything a conditioner should be and I so look forward to using it for that scent, amazing! Fabulous conditioner. I use less for everyday but at weekends tend to apply more and leave on for ten mins like a mask. The consistency and scent is heavenly. I mean it has to be 10/10 for delivery on promise - even on my fine coloured hair. I would change the writing on the front of the packaging - too many styles (fonts) and sizes reads lack of consistency to the eye. However, love the dark green leafy colour of the tube and the writing on the reverse is really clear. I love, love, love the scent! It's like hitting the refresh button which has been really helpful during this last part of lockdown... an escape in a bottle!'