That mysterious rustling leaf sound as each morning you walk deeper into the depths of autumn... And that variety of natural colours ... Really beautiful and spectacular. But some kind of inner feeling strangely creeps inside and does not allow you to enjoy these newly flooded emotions. What is it? Nostalgia for the summer just gone? Missing the hot sun kisses? Or the urge to resist the wind, which is increasingly messing with your hair?
The instant thought is "it's too cold for me!".  I just need to be where it is warm. I want to get home faster and cuddle up in a soft blanket with a hot cup of scented tea in my hands. There is a diffuser behind my eye - oh yes this is what I need right now! Good warm emotions and that much needed inner peace ...
Some people say AROMATHERAPY is a harmonious relationship between man and nature...
That mystical, breath taking peace and relaxing world of natural scents, instantly captivating us with it's tenderness and subtlety... The pleasant aroma itself evokes our senses and memories it touches our emotions and thus enhances our well being. Nature with every tiny drop of essential oil allows us to enjoy the extraordinary healing power we need.
Aromatherapy, using therapeutic, quality, pure and natural essential oils can help you achieve incredible results in a surprisingly short time.
Each of the essential oils that penetrate the skin or nasal cavity, invades our entire body and gives us it's strengthening properties. So you should always choose them not only for their pleasant scent, but also their magical properties, because some aromas are soothing and others are a tonic.
Active ingredients in the essential oils affect the human nervous system, reduce stress, tension, depression and improve sleep quality. Aromatherapy is also often used to create a physically and psychologically relaxing, aesthetic ambience. Use natural air fresheners with essential oils. It will strengthen and balance your body.
Essential oils are intended for external use and have many uses: bath, face and body massage, sauna, inhalation, hot and cold compresses, problematic skin, hair care and aroma lamps.

Useful to know:

  • High quality essential oils are stored in dark glass bottles so they do not lose any beneficial properties. It is better to buy quality essential oils to get the full benefits.
  • All essential oils must be diluted. They are insoluble in water, so the best dilutents are salt, milk alcohol and base oils.
  • Only lavender and tea tree essential oils can be used pure on the skin when needed.
  • For babies up to 2 months, only lavender, chamomile and mandarin essential oils can be used. From 2 months you can use tea tree. Use no more than 3 drops of any essential oil per procedure.
  • For children from 6 months you can add eucalyptus, orange, grapefruit and lemon essential oils to the afore mentioned list. It is possible to apply 5 drops in one procedure.
  • For adults, the dosage of essential oil is 8-10 drops.
  • Base oils such as sweet almond, coconut, argan for normal skin and avocado, jojoba and sesame for dry skin are suitable for baby skin care.

Good luck discovering the magic scents and variety of essential oils and sensing the true essence of Nature's power!

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