Each Vilana Natural Beauty cosmetic product is unique. Originality is always recognised as the value of a certain work of art, while creativity, having valuable ideas usually comes from broadening your horizons and observing the world from very different angle.

The ability to feel complete freedom, to stimulate imagination, to allow one's own creativity to spread at full capacity, to implement goals and enjoy the obtained result - a path that has always attracted me like a magnet. Because in this choice, I saw the great meaning of life - to create something that has a tangible value and can make not only me, but also others happier.

The first steps into the world of natural cosmetics were rather quiet, fragile and timid, because they were accompanied by a great fear of slipping, stumbling, not living up to dreamed expectations. Therefore, at the beginning, I tried to follow the already existing prepared various recipes, according to which I didn't even dare to change something while handcrafting, for fear of getting the wrong texture, colour, smell or effect.

Anyway, if you want to move forward rather than stagnate in one place, a very good way to do this is to go deeper to yourself. I listened to my inner voice. I felt myself being awakened by an irresistible curiosity to know more and better the ingredients found in nature's treasures - forests, meadows, seas, hills.

I tried to remember some 'lessons' of my neighbour's grandmother, who I always visited in my youth, about various herbs, I was interested in the good and bad properties of plants, I smelled, touched, researched... Until finally I gained more confidence to try to combine different oils and extracts into a whole by myself. take risks and observe what small 'miracle' will come from it.Testing born creations became some kind of bewitching mystique that inspired boundless passion and motivation to dive headlong into endless creativity, constantly searching, growing and improving until the best possible result was achieved.

In this way, unique recipes were gradually born, based on which I began to produce cosmetic products for hair and skin care, as well as aromatherapy mixtures created to restore the balance of body and soul. The resulting product packages contain not only available knowledge and personal experience, but also infinite faith in the power of nature and natural scent therapy.

Where did the thoughts and ideas for expanding the product range come from? Creativity for me is one of the forms of communication; I started creating for close family members, friends and acquaintances, to whom I am still extremely grateful for their trust in me, for their support, for their motivating words, and most importantly, for their expressed skin and hair problems and requests to create products that can help solve one or another troubling problems or at least reduce them to a minimum.

It gave me wings of happiness and an indomitable desire to create so that I could fulfill and continue my mission - to help others.

I created formulas, mixed with my own hands, tried to feel every particle of the texture, tested... Until a smile lit up my face - I succeeded! Then all that was left was to wait patiently for the products to be rated by others.

This is how new recipes and products are born to this day - taking into account the needs of today's people, emerging challenges and trying to find something that would provide not a short, but a long-term result - naturally. After all, otherwise there would be no point in creating.

It is said that for every drop of inspiration, ninety-nine drops of sweat must be added - yes, it is true. But the great magic of creation lies precisely in the process itself..