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'Nonsense: I can't wash because the shampoo doesn't lather.'

Let's start with the fact that NATURAL shampoos (conditioners, etc.) are consciously chosen by those who want to improve the health of their hair, as well as its flexibility and beauty. It is true that if the beauty routine has been dominated by products saturated with synthetic substances for a long time, getting used to natural ones can become quite a challenge for many people. In today's increasingly modernised world, we are used to expecting an easy and quick effect, but we often forget that a quick effect equals a very short external effect, while the damage of internal effects, on the contrary, usually only increases.

Natural hair care means not only love for nature, but also love for yourself. While synthetic beauty products wrap the hair with artificial softness and create a temporary effect of shiny hair, but basically directly "eat" the hair from the inside, natural cosmetics, acting slowly and systematically, reveal the true condition of the scalp and hair and help restore, maintain and effectively nurture the NATURAL hair structure, health and beauty.

When choosing a shampoo, we should not look for a delicious aroma or a good lather. Ah, all for that desired feeling of pleasure... People tend to think that the better the shampoo lathers, the better it cleans the hair. Unfortunately, this is not entirely appropriate.

The main function of shampoo is to wash, not lather. Depending on the type of hair, a natural shampoo may lather better or not at all, but regardless, it still performs its washing function perfectly. Washing with a natural shampoo may take a little longer, but it's a matter of patience. Natural cosmetics are focused on long-term effects - they work more slowly, but do not irritate the skin and are effective.

In order for the shampoo to wash off well, foaming is not necessary. We're just so used to it and associate foam with cleanliness. The foam helps distribute the shampoo more easily in the hair. It is true that foam facilitates the removal of dirt, but the problem is that cheap detergents made from petrochemicals are usually used to create foam: sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), sodium laureth sulfate (SLES) and others. They create more foam, so when washing you feel that your hair is silky and smooth, but in fact they dry out, unbalance the pH balance of the skin, can irritate, allergic the skin. Also, they are not at all friendly to our health and the environment in which we live.

After switching from synthetic shampoos to natural ones, it takes about a month for our scalp and hair to get rid of various chemical residues. It can also contribute to the feeling that the hair is washed out badly. However, natural shampoo and moderate foaming are useless here - it simply allows the remnants of previous abundant foam and other synthetic substances to be removed.

When the shampoo is natural, it is recommended to rub the head twice in a row, and if you have long hair, three times. Active biological substances are absorbed only after the second or third washing. It is worth paying attention to the fact that when washing the head with shampoo, we should focus mainly on the scalp and hair at the roots, and when applying the conditioner - on the ends of the hair.

You say: when using a natural shampoo, the hair is dry and rough. It is normal! One of the functions of shampoo is to open the hair, as a result of which it becomes shaggy and coarser, difficult to comb. That is why it is necessary to use a conditioner afterwards, which closes the hair scales, the hair remains not only protected from the accumulation of dirt inside it, but also becomes smooth, soft and shiny. Remember: the most important thing to pay attention to is how your hair looks AFTER washing and drying!

Trust nature, give naturalness a chance and be patient - your hair will definitely thank you for it over time

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