Nature - Our Magical Beauty & Greatest Treasure

The most valuable thing in life is not to see as much as possible, but to understand and feel.

I have always loved nature. When I was a little girl running barefoot under the flowering meadows and when I grew up longing for calm and harmony. It is where I regain my energy and inner balance. Nature itself emits light, airiness, purity, sincere enjoyment and pleasure. Each rediscovery of the grace of nature attracts me like a magnet to discover its ever-increasing secrets and feel that magical power.

However, do we always cherish what we have? Do we remember that when we take something from nature, that we must give something back in return? I admit it takes knowledge, maturity and understanding of what harm a person does to nature. It's really important to contribute to its preservation, with as little pollution as possible, yet still, meet people's comfort and daily needs. Such understanding didn't come to me immediately, and it took time, lots of it.

There were moments when I thought - I will not be able to change anything here alone. However, then an inner voice quickly spoke to me: of course, you can! Although I am only a tiny part of this enormous world, I am not alone. If a second person joined me, then a third and fourth well, miracles could happen!

It is always easier to start with the smaller steps. As a result, the natural products of love and tenderness I have created have are packaged in environment-friendly PET packaging. They are made of easily recyclable and friendly materials.

This way, Vilana Natural Beauty remains true to the concept of 'natural beauty, the environment and our beloved customers. I agree it isn't always easy to take the first few steps out of your comfort zone. I get lots of questions on the topic of, "Why did you change the packaging? The previous ones were more comfortable, softer, easier to squeeze etc."

But there is a habit here that needs to be changed. It is still worth trying something that will result in consumer satisfaction but, at the same time, have a less negative impact on nature? The life cycles of plastic product packaging are short, but the problems caused by them can be detrimental.

What is environmentally friendly packaging?

PET is 100% recyclable. This material is valued for its various properties: strength, lightness and resistance. The environmental impact of PET is much more favourable compared to other recyclable packaging materials. Products packaged in PET are lighter and durable, so less fuel is needed for transportation when compared to other materials. Secondly, PET raw materials are used in the production of various carpets, electrical appliances and car equipment parts, clothes and construction materials.

How else are we trying to contribute to natures conservation? So to the question, some other girls ask, “Why do you not just sell shampoo or hydrolate bottles right away with a dispenser?” 

I also answer with a rhetorical question, "Do you need that?"

If purchased separately, you can use the same pump or nozzle for your newly purchased products, making it unnecessary to buy a new one every time and then throw it away. Our deed is small, the benefits for nature are remarkably high!

Well, how about my natural shampoo bars?

I deliberately chose their packaging from paper - another small step forward towards nature conservation. I know there are no limits to improvement! I very much hope that in the future, you and I will do even more! Much more! To maintain a special connection with nature and enjoy and admire it for as long as possible.

We will have a lot to think, talk about and discuss - but we will worry about that later.

Protect and cherish our nature.