Forests Are The Lungs of Our Planet

Every new thought and step or action paves the way for you to improve. This new path will greet you with wonderful experiences of happiness and peace.

Nature is the greatest beauty in the world. The delicate aroma of flowers or a refreshing droplet of morning dew can have magical powers. Each new tree is like a source of life and wisdom. Nature brings us wonder and admiration. We associate nature with peace, harmony and even spirituality, so we often retreat to nature to draw inspiration and recharge our inner balance.

Our love for nature not only allows us to draw a breath of fresh air and inspiration, but it allows us to give back.

As a growing tree takes root in the ground, everyone leaves their mark on the earth. We are all connected to nature and, for everybody to live long and be healthy, we must respect not only ourselves but the environment in which we live. Just as every tree emits positive energy, man creates energy through his actions. By planting a new tree, it is as if we strengthen the mutual connection with nature.

Now. We are mature enough and want to make sense of that connection with nature and pay tribute to her. Every day each of us contributes to climate change through our daily activities: driving, working, using modern technology, travelling, entertaining, searching for and drawing from nature’s qualities for beauty and health. Almost everything we do has an impact on our carbon footprint, resulting in global warming. 

Low levels of greenhouse gases are beneficial because they help maintain a life temperature on the earth’s surface, but too much of them threaten the survival of humanity. The lower our carbon footprint, the smaller our contribution to climate change. 

Forests Are The Lungs of Our Planet

They are especially vital now that the effects of human activity are leading to climate change. Threatening not only the living nature around us but also ourselves.

Due to our way of life, many trees are cut down, so by recognising the seriousness of the global situation we feel an inner need to help. Today we feel happy that with the help of one wonderful organisation we said ‘THANK YOU’ to nature by planting 30 new trees in Scotland! A meaningful little step we would like to take further and further to make a dream come true. How about you? Would you like to join us on this journey?

We will not stop after our very first step! Our goal is to plant and grow another 500 trees, so we are looking forward to the next stage of planting.

You will have the opportunity to contribute and become part of this campaign! From time to time, we will be announcing products that will carefully nurture the natural beauty of your skin and hair. As well as contribute £1 of the product price to the purchase of new tree seedlings.

Together we can do so much! Let’s reach out to a more beautiful world together.