Today, I would like to talk about a very sensitive and increasingly debated topic, which, due to the lack of meaningful information, is already becoming shrouded in myths and legends. I think that now is the right time to simply state Vilana Natural Beauty’s position on this particularly important issue - preservatives in cosmetics - in a clear, understandable and straightforward way.

First of all, why and when are preservatives used? All beauty and hygiene products based on water in the recipe must be protected in a sense, because water is a great medium for a wide range of bacteria, fungi and other harmful microorganisms to reproduce. And it’s definitely not an add-on you would like to see in, say, your favourite face cream! - they don’t perform any useful function, neither moisturise or smooth wrinkles, in fact, on the contrary, they are really dangerous and can cause quite acute inflammation, infections and serious skin damage. So, in order to genuinely take care of your greatest asset - health, as well as in accordance with the procedure prescribed by law, we simply have to use an additional ingredient - preservative - in certain products.

A product that contains water, and we know that there is more than one in our product line, will always have to pass the PET exam (Preservative Efficacy Test) and no responsible laboratory will pass a product for the open market that is not completely safe to use. Everything else is oil-based or water-free cosmetics. Bacteria do not like oils, they do not have favourable conditions for their reproduction, so such products are inherently safe in themselves, and their shelf life is really long enough.Such measures usually do not expire due to the accumulation of bacteria or fungi, but simply, over time, the oils lose their good properties and become less effective. By the way, it should be mentioned that oils really do not like to be friends with the sun or light, so it is recommended to keep them in cool, dark places with the bottles tightly closed.

Why is this preservative used in Vilana Natural Beauty products? As you already know, any cream, shampoo or conditioner must be of high quality and safe for both your beauty and health. Since there are no officially established guidelines or legal instructions on which preservatives to choose and use, we had to dive into the wide waters ourselves and find the best and most effective option, the so called perfect middleware, to not only meet all important needs, but also be friendly to nature, people, and of course, effectively protect against unwanted pests and the potential harmful factors that cause them.

You’ve probably not been the only one to hear that natural vitamin E, grapefruit essential oil and a few others can be used as great natural preservatives - yes, that’s true, but they are very narrow in specificity and in many cases simply incapable of protecting our beloved cosmetics.Therefore, our choice: Dehydroacetic acid & Benzyl alcohol - their mixture is also called Gfecosafe or Cosgard. It is the only preservative that is certified as natural and highly effective and, most importantly, recognised by one of the very large Bio production regulatory companies, Ecocert, which says a great deal! This organization has a truly amazing reputation and is especially respected by all the creators of natural cosmetics. Another aspect I would like to mention, as I often answer this question, is that Benzyl alcohol in this preservative is of a truly natural origin, to be clear, it is found naturally in original tea, organic fruit and various essential oils.

The reason I would also like to emphasise that you understand this correctly is that our aim is for cosmetics to retain their quality value and impact for about 6 months from the date of opening the package. In my opinion this is really enough time to consume the entire cream package or shampoo bottle, so our products use very little preservative - practically always less than 1% of the 100% composition of the product. I am sure, and this is confirmed by the results of my work experience, that this choice is the right one, and I can safely say that for this reason I never doubt the safe use of the products I have created.

So I strongly invite you to take a little more interest, explore and learn a lot of new, valuable and interesting things that will help you not only choose natural, safe and effective products to help nurture the beauty of your skin and hair, free from various toxins, but also have more knowledge. You will also be able to give the right advice to your friend, mother or grandmother on how to recognise and choose a quality, healthy and perhaps the most perfect option.

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